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Cheryl Bariel


Bella Wedding Day was created  in 2017 out of a passion for helping other people.

I am an all inclusive ordained minister who was personally trained by Sandy White, Wedding Officiant,  My husband Ken and I  have both interned with Sandy and Johnny White. 

I make the most important event in your life be as intimate, memorable and enjoyable as possible. Through strategic partnerships formed over the years, I’ve learned to be flexible and accommodating to each client’s unique needs and preferences.

I hope you’ll let me be part of your unforgettable wedding, elopement, or vow renewal ceremony.

Let me fill your need for a memorable, intimate and beautiful wedding or elopement ceremony.

Your Wedding Officiant is one of the most important parts of your ceremony planning! You must feel comfortable with whomever you choose. Call me and let's talk!  805-534-3393.


Location Group A: Morro Bay, Los Osos, San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Pismo, Avila and Cayucos.

$400 For Location A  

Optional Rehearsal:  $250

Location B:  Cambria, Santa Margarita, Nipomo.

$425.00 For Location B

Optional Rehearsal:  $275

Location C:  Paso Robles, Atascadero, Templeton, San Simeon and Santa Maria.

$450 for Location C

Optional Rehearsal:  $300

No Deposit Required.

+other locations please call for a quote!


Ceremony is loving, intimate and memorable.

Photos available:  $200

Music Available:   $50

Location D:

Outside SLO County

$600+ To be determined

after speaking with you personally.

Optional Rehearsal to be determined.

Services I Provide


What type of event are you wanting to plan? Beach wedding, elopement, vow renewal?  You tell me what you want and I will help you make a beautiful memory.
I’m more than happy to make your dream event a reality.





For Beach Locations see tab Beach locations.

Contact me to discuss the type of venue you would like and together we can decide which venue is best for you.


All wedding ceremonies held on Avila Beach require a permit be issued by the Port San Luis Harbor District. Please call 805-595-5400. 



Planning a beach wedding in Pismo Beach, Ca here is some information you should know!

There is now a Permit required for a beach wedding in Pismo Beach, Ca however their are a few guidelines you must follow.

Below is information from the City Clerk in Pismo Beach



This information came from Emily Colborn, MMC, City Clerk

To better serve our residents and visitors, I want to share this information with you so anyone of us can help and answer questions regarding having weddings on the beach.

Weddings on the beach are permitted with certain restrictions:

  • A permit is now required.

  • There is maybe a fee for getting married on the beach.

  • Areas are available on a “first come first serve” basis.

  • The beach is public property, therefore no area can be reserved, roped or sectioned off.

  • Weddings are limited to just the ceremony.  Receptions can take place at a hotel or hall.

  • Set up of chairs are allowed.

  • Guest are to be kept at a maximum of 50 guest.

  • No amplified music.




Photo Session $ 200
The photo session will include 80 to 150 photos.  A USB Flash Drive will be mailed to the couple.  Your will own all rights to your photos so you can have your photos, prints, and copies made anywhere you choose.
Ken enjoys offering you memorable photos of all of your wedding, elopement or vow renewal memories  for you to enjoy for years to come.
Ken is not a professional wedding photographer.

If you are looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer, please check our vendors listed below.
However, Ken will give your 80-150 photos that you will treasure for years to come.

wedding elopement music pismo morro bay cayucos cambria san luis obispos county



I care about your music wishes for your event.
If you choose to have music,  you may bring your own music and play it at your event, at no additional cost.
If you would like to have us play your music, please provide your music selection, artist and place in ceremony,  to us, 2 weeks prior to your event.

Once your music choices have been downloaded, there is no refund of your $50.00.
We can then play the music you selected at your memorable event.

$50.00 if we are able to provide the music.

However, I have found that there are a lot of areas on the Central Coast that we are not able to play music.



Marriage License from The County Clerk:


A marriage license from any California County Clerk's Office is required prior to the marriage ceremony.  It is good for 90 Days, and must be presented to the Officiant/Minister prior to the ceremony. Please bring it to your ceremony!


Before a  marriage license can be issued, together, the couple must bring in a valid driver's license or a DMV issued Identification Card. To their local county clerk.  If you do not have either of these, you must provide a certified copy of your birth certificate and another acceptable form of picture I.D.

To obtain a Confidential Marriage License, First Person and Second Person must be living together as a married couple. The same I.D. requirements as mentioned above are applicable.





Permits are required for beach weddings in the San Luis Obispo area.

Cheryl Ken Bariel Wedding Elopement Celebrant Officiant Minister San Luis Obispo Pismo Morro Bay Cambria Cayucos Montana De Oro



Ken and Cheryl have been happily married for over 50 years.

They have two sons and three beautiful grandchildren.

I am a registered nurse. I started Bella Wedding Day out of a desire to help couples who would like to get married, elope, or have their vows renewed, in San Luis Obispo County on the Central California Coast. 

I am an all inclusive wedding officiant.

My goal is to help you have a memorable ceremony, filled with love, honor, trust  and respect!

Thank you for honoring me to be part of your beautiful day. 

I look forward to working with you to make your day intimate, beautiful and memorable!


Fax:  805-439-1191

Your Ceremony

Your Ceremony:

Our Standard Ceremony is filled with “love and oneness”.  You may choose to option the use of “Before God & these witnesses” or “Before these witnesses”.




Standard Ceremony: 

  • Welcome

  • Declaration of Intentions

  • Ring Exchange

  • Vows:  “Repeat after Me”, Your Personal Vows to Each Other or Both

  • Reading: “Hand in Hand”  

     Optional: 1st Corinthian’s Prayer, Unity Candle, Unity Sand or Family Unity Sand: 

  • Message from the Officiant/Minister

  • Declaration of Marriage


It is typically best to experience the ceremony fresh on the day of your wedding.  It seems to be a more meaningful experience for couples.  We are happy to email a copy of the ceremony if you wish. 



You may also choose to add Readings and/or Traditions from OUR LIBRARY, or offer your own personal selections.   It is best to limit additional readings to no more than one. 

Happy Elderly Couple.


Renewing Your Wedding Vows

More and more married couples are choosing to renew their wedding vows ­ either in small, intimate, family-only celebrations at home, or as bigger-than-the-original-wedding extravaganzas in a ballroom. Some couples renew their vows while on vacation with their families, exchanging loving words by a Hawaiian waterfall, and some head to the beach or the mountains to renew their vows in their favorite place. Regardless of the style and location of today's celebrations, the reasons for reaffirming marriage vows are many:

  • The couple is celebrating a 'big' anniversary ­ their 10th, 20th, 25th or 50th and for some couples, a 'big' anniversary is their 7th! Since they dated for 3 years prior to marrying, it's technically their 10th year together.

  • The couple didn't get the wedding of their dreams the first time around. Maybe their parents were paying and wanted everything their way. Maybe their families didn't have a lot of money back then. Maybe they chose a smaller wedding since that was their wish at the time. Maybe the wedding was so big and so overblown that they got lost in the circus atmosphere. Now, they get a Do-Over. They get to do it their way.

  • The couple has recently gone through a tough time, such as a separation or the illness of a partner. They've spent years healing their relationship, and now they want to refresh their wedding vows as a way to say thank you to one another and start anew.

  • The couple had their original wedding plans changed due to a military deployment or a family emergency. They had to cancel their big wedding plans to 'rush' their wedding day. Now, they get to do it right.

  • The couple wishes to include their kids in the ceremony. It's a high priority to have the kids present, and even to renew vows with the kids as part of the ceremony.

  • The couple finds it important to always show one another gratitude and love, so they've made it a regular event in their relationship to renew their vows on every anniversary, or every 5th anniversary.

  • The couple just went through the wedding planning process for one of their children (or several of their children), and they want the same kind of celebration for themselves! Maybe the bride and groom paid for and planned their own wedding, so the parents missed out on being involved. Or, the parents started to get too involved in the wedding plans, then stepped back before upsetting the overwhelmed bride and groom. It's a big trend for wedding couples' parents to renew their vows shortly after the wedding.

  • The couple's religious beliefs have changed since their first wedding, and they wish to re-do their wedding ceremony and renew their vows with their newly embraced belief system and faith included.

  • One partner wishes to surprise the other with a vow renewal celebration as an anniversary gift. It's a surprise party/vow renewal that thrills the partner. The kids may also wish to throw a planned or surprise wedding vow renewal celebration for their parents.

  • Couples find that wedding vow renewal celebrations show the younger generations what a successful marriage looks like: the dedication, the affection, overcoming challenges, showing appreciation. In our world of quickie celebrity divorces, a long-lasting union is a great lesson for kids and grandchildren.  Plus, it is a happy occasion for a family gathering.

Wedding elopement san luis obispo pismo morro bay cayucos cambria Montana De Oro beach locations

Wedding Venues, Packages and Resources

“Before beginning, plan carefully”


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